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Uintah Plumbing & Drain is a family owned business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a Colorado Springs native, I feel a sense of pride in my hometown, and named my business after the street on which I owned my first home.


I was exposed to professional plumbing at an early age and had always been curious about piping systems. After earning a degree in Business Management, I worked in both the commercial and residential plumbing worlds while simultaneously earning my plumbing Journeyman and Master's licenses before I felt I had the proper experience to start my own company. 


Here's the part that's relevant to you: at Uintah Plumbing & Drain, I take pride in my professionalism and quality of work. When troubleshooting a plumbing issue with you, I want to diagnose the problem correctly the first time, help you to feel well-versed enough in the solution to make your own decisions without pressure from me, and assure you that the issue is resolved.